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Church of St. Peter

Church of St. Peter
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A gothic church with a “must-see” marble altar inside

Župnija Radovljica
Linhartov trg 30
4240 Radovljica
Take a walk around the church - many surprises await!

The Church of St. Peter is a great example of a traditional Gothic church architecture from the 15th century. The exterior of the church features a lot of interesting architectural and art additions, which make it a must see attraction in Radovljica.


It is presumed that the first church or at least a chapel stood on this place somewhere in the 10th century, and it grew bigger over time, in line with the growth of the town. The church became more important in the 13th century, when it got the status of the seat of archbishop. The Gothic renovations began around 1495.


Another big renovation took part in the 18th century. Renovations were done mainly in the interior of the Church of St. Peter and an amazing black altar was added.

The last part of big renovation took place around 1930, when a tabernacle was added by a famous architect from Radovljica, Ivan Vurnik. After that, only smaller renovations took place in hopes to preserve the Gothic features of the church.


On the southern side of the Church of St. Peter stands the presbytery. This was once part of the rampart – some parts of the arched wall can still be seen today, together with a baroque fresco of St. Peter and a large gothic door.


A Chapel dedicated to St. Edith Stein is located behind the church, inside an old bunker from the World War II. The chapel is not open for visitors, but its interior can be seen as part of the guided tour of Radovljica.

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How to get there

If you are travelling from Ljubljana, take highway A2 Ljubljana – Jesenice. Take an exit for Radovljica. Radovljica is located about 50 km from Ljubljana. Regular buses and trains connect Ljubljana and Radovljica and also Radovljica and Jesenice. Church of St. Peter is located at the top of Linhart Square.

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