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Church of the Mother of God

Church of the Mother of God
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Discover the legend of St. Mary's healings

Kropa 71
4245 Kropa
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Visit the Church of the Mother of God on a religious holiday.

The Church of the Mother of God is located in the village of Kropa. Its existence is connected to magical healing, which brought large crowds of worshipers to the village. The Church of the Mother of God is, in fact, the second church in Kopa, which is quite unusual considering the small size of the village.


Legend has it that on the 29th of July 1707, a group of seven young boys  were exploring the forest above the village. To their surprise, they found an image of St. Mary and picked it up. 

The boys built a small altar out of branches to provide a shelter for the image. They placed the altar on the same spot they had found the image and visited this place every day. After doing so for quite some time, one of the seven boys magically started speaking even though he was deaf.


The news about the magical healing spread quickly and it became the place where many visited in search of healing.


A Church dedicated to St. Mary, today known as the Church of the Mother of God, was built on the same place where the boys found the image, somewhere in the 1720. 

Regular masses and pilgrims were organized and many worshipers came to this church in hopes of getting cured. St. Mary listened to their prayers and helped many of them – from blind women to a dead child.


A scenic route connects the church and the village, but it is quite steep. The exterior of the church was renovated and the result is quite outstanding, but it is the interior that is really worth seeing. The rich interior with three altars is dedicated to the St. Mary’s miracles and it includes the original image of the saint which the boys found on the exact place where the church stands today.


The Church of the Mother of God is now rarely visited, except on the religious holidays when masses take place and worshipers from different villages come to pray and give their thanks to St. Mary.


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How to get there

The church can be reached by a walk on the steep walking path which was once an important pilgrimage route. The route starts in the central part of Kropa.