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City Wall – Piran

City Wall – Piran
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Remains of the past shining in the colours of the sunset

Town Walls
6330 Piran - Pirano

The city wall is another Piran landmark that offers the tourist a unique experience. You can walk through 7 different city gates when wandering around Piran. At the hill, you can enjoy the remaining of the wall. There is no entry fee to walk into the wall but that may vary. You must climb several steps in the wall itself to enjoy the spectacular sight of the Slovenian coast.


City wall in Piran was part of the city from the 7th century. Back then most of the city was located inside the wall, but during the “golden age” of the city, when many new citizens moved here, this wall was partly demolished and rebuilt at a different location, allowing the city to continue growing.

Wall `s primarily function was defense and some additional objects were added to the wall for better functioning. Eight towers, seven city gates, and lines for guns were just some of the added features.

Parts of the City wall that survived until today are accessible for visitors. Some renovations are still going on today, though the extensive renovations are finished. Due to some additional work, the City Wall Piran is sometimes closed or the opening times are somewhat changing from time to time, as well as the entrance fee.


City wall in Piran is a great attraction for families and perfect for couples to enjoy the afternoon sunset. It is also a concert venue.

Opening hours


How to get there

City Wall can be easily access by foot. Follow the signs from the city centre.