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Club EXIT Osijek

  • (worth a trip)
  • 1-2 km
  • Easy
  • Low
  • 2 hours
  • 3 3

Good vibes and live music. You MUST visit them!

Ul. Franje Kuhača 5, 31000, Osijek, Croatia

This club has 10+ years of experience. If you want an authentic punk rock/alternative experience, this will be the perfect place for you.


The people who work there are loyal to this place, which means that they do everything to please their visitors. Every weekend there’s live music, and they even have thematic nights with music from the 80’s, 90’s and the 2000’s. The whole experience is really nostalgic and it’s one of the few places for the ones who are big rock/punk/alternative fans. They also have tribute bands on their stage fairly often.


Their price list isn’t bad. This is the place where you can get cheap, but fairly good drinks. A coffee costs 5 kn, while a beer will cost you 10 kn.


All in all, this place is for those who like good music, a great vibe and cheap drinks. You will definitely have a great time here! You may even make new friends since the people who visit this place are pretty easy-going.