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Photo credit: Christine Rondeau / Foter / CC BY
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One of the most visited Mayan sites

Tulum, Cobá, Q.R., Mexico

Cobá was once a large Mayan city located approximately 90 kilometers from the famous Chichen Itzá. Today, the ruins of the once powerful city remain and can be visited to feel the history of the site. The archaeoligical site is located around two lagoons and contains large pyramids, the largest being Nohoch Mul with a height of over 40 meters.


It is believed that the major constructions took place during the late Classic period, between 500 and 900 AD. However, new templed were built until the 14th century. Evidence shows that it was first settled as early as 100 BC. Cobá had strong ties with nearby cities like Tikal and Calakmul and often they had military alliances and arranged marriages between themselves.


Cobá remained unpopular for a long time due to its remoteness. In the 70’s, however, a road was built connecting Cobá to popular destinations such as Cancún and today, it is one of the most visited Mayan sites in the area.