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Coyote Autocinema

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An authentic drive-thru cinema

Av. Santa Fe #483 Cuajimalpa de Morelos Lomas De santa Fe 05119 Ciudad de México, D.F.
$250 pesos per car (regardless of the amount of people inside them)
For those who wish to go without a car, the price is $180 pesos

At Coyote Autocinema, you’ll be transported back to the 50’s and enjoy a film in the comfort of your car. There are weekly screenings and the films projected are only those that will go with the drive-thru theme, meaning they are all classics! You can delight while watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, The Shining, Pulp Fiction and even some modern classics such as Kill Bill or 500 Days of Summer. Please head over to their website to check upcoming film dates.


Located in the business hub area, known as Santa Fe and famous for its large and modern buildings. Coyote cinema is unique in its kind and a must visit attractions for vintage lovers. As any drive-thru cinema from the 50s, breaks at the middle of each movie are taken for you to stretch your legs and often, fun activities are held during the time, including karaoke.


There is a café serving meals and everything related to a typical cinema or dinner in the United States back in the 50’s. Aside from that, you can rent hookahs to smoke inside your car (because, after all, you are in your car and you can do as you please, right?!). Both food, drinks and hookas can be delivered to your car if you do not wish to go out and miss the movie.


Coyote Autocinema is also the only cinema where dogs are allowed.

Opening hours

Wednesday - Sunday: 19:00 - 00:00