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This is something for the ones with delicate taste buds!

Čvarakfest is dedicated to the amazing delicacy, fried pork fat. Don’t make the mistake of thinking these are pork rinds. Rinds are pieces of pork skin fried in lard, while this delicacy is diced up pork fat cooked/fried. This event is part of the Winter Fair in Karanac.


This event is held every year in a small village of Karanac in Baranja. The first ever Čvarakfest was organized in 2009, and it was a HUGE hit. Of course, there are other delicacies there which you can try, but if you’re there, just try the fried pork fat. It sounds weird, wrong and unhealthy, but you really don’t know what you’re missing out on!


This small village usually goes unnoticed, because it’s not right next to the main road, instead you have to turn on a side road and that’s where you’ll find it. Karanac is also known for taking on the ethno village role, and we have to admit that it’s one of the prettiest villages in Baranja. People try to keep it as clean and nice as possible and you can even stay at some traditional village houses! It’s so much fun, especially if you manage to book the room/house during this event, because you’ll have so many things to check out!


Karanac is a small village, but it’s definitely worth of your time, just like its main event, Čvarakfest!

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