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Daruvarske Toplice

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The spa center with tradition from Roman time

Julijev park 1, 43500, Daruvar, Croatia
Several restaurants with local cuisine in city of Daruvar and hotel as part of spa

Daruvarske Toplice is spa centre in town of Daruvar. At this point, it was the center of the Pannonian-Celtic tribes Jasa. The Romans had a spa here in the second century. They called it Aquae Balissae (eng. Strong springs). It is believed that the Aquae Balissae visited Roman emperors Hadrian, Commodus, and Constantine the Great. Now here are swimming pools, aqua center, hot and cold baths, private massage rooms and sauna. Around the buildings is valuable Julius park with old trees and sculptures. There are several sources of thermal water from 39 ° to 47 ° C. The chemical composition offers mainly calcium and magnesium, and hydrogen carbonates.

Opening hours

every day 7:00-18:00

How to get there

Road Zagreb- Vrbovec-Bjelovar-Daruvar