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Day of the Dead in Janitzio

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Day of the Dead in Janitzio
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Celebrate a traditional Day of the Dead on an island

Boat from Pátzcuaro a Janitzio: $40 MXN round

Janitzio is an island located in the Pátzcuaro Lake in the state of Morelia. It has gained fame for being one of the go-to places to celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).


During November 1 and 2 every year, families gather in cemeteries to celebrate their deceased loved ones. Traditional altars decorated by flowers, fruits, sweets, candles and sugar skulls are set up and create a colorful sight. Next to the tombs, people dance and sing – a great insight into the relaxed attitude Mexicans have towards death.


The island of Janitizio is quite hilly and once you arrive, you must climb up through the narrow streets where you will find many crafts and food stands. If you climb up to the very top, you will find Janitzio’s main landmark: the Statue of Morelos, the hero of the Mexican Independence.

How to get there

From Pátzcuaro, you must take a boat to the island