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Day of the Dead in Tuxtepec

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One of the top places to experience Day of the Dead in its full glory

Tuxtepec is a village in the state of Oaxaca where the celebration of Day of the Dead can be experienced in its full colors, flavors and traditions.


In Tuxtepec, you will be able to see the traditional altars that Mexicans set up for their deceased loved ones: decorated with Cempasúchil flowers that are used to represent the sun and guide their souls along with photographs of the person, candles, incense and the famous Pan de Muerto (Dead’s Bread).


However, there is one thing that differenciates the altars in Tuxtepec from the rest: the colourful rugs made out of sawdust that the locals begin to work on a few days before the altars are set up. In fact, there is rug contest that takes place annually in the central plaza of the village and attracts people from all around the area, making Tuxtepec a truly unique and colorful destination to fully experience this legendary day.