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Photo credit: Anna & Michal / Foter / CC BY
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A beautiful village overlooking Majorca’s west coast

Deià, Islas Baleares, Spain

The idyllic village Deià is situated at Majorca’s west coast, protected by the Teix mountain. The village lies on the coastal route between Valldemossa and Sóller and offers impressive views over the cliff line. Deià is green-shuttered, ochre-coloured houses, lush nature and the deep blue sea. Nowadays, it has become a millionaires’ hideaway and is flocked by thousands of tourists who want to feel this posh and glamorous air.


Deià is also known as the ‘Artist Village’ as many famous artists set up their residence in this inspiring and quiet village. The first famous artist was the british author Robert von Ranke-Graves, followed by many more like the artist Pablo Picasso, the composer Andrew Lloyd Webber or the musician Bob Geldof as only to name a few. However, most probably you won’t run across a famous bohemian artist these days, but you can follow suit the many tourist and search for this unique Deià-feeling.


Climb up all the way to the church on top of the hill, and you will come through narrow streets, which retain the heat of the day, the scent of the roses and orange trees and in which echo the English, German and Majorcan murmurs of the many visitors. Apart from visiting the church and the pretty graveyard behind it – where also Graves is buried – you will have a stunning panoramic view from here. Being on top of the hill, allows you to marvel over the western coastline with its reddish-brown rocks and rough cliffs as well as over the small village with its narrow streets and the terrace gardens.


As many other towns on Majorca, also Deià has been influenced by the Moorish culture. You can see the arabic construction of the terraced irrigation system, which is still used to cultivate olive trees. Also the village name derives from the Moorish word ‘Ad-Daya’ which means village. Today, Deià still carries this artist air and you will find many small galleries and souvenir shops when strolling through the narrow cobblestone streets. You can even visit the house of Robert Graves, which is nowadays turned into a museum. Furthermore, Deià offers an archeological museum, the museum Son Marroig and a museum inside the church. In July and August, Deià is famous for its music festivals taking place in the village.


As every Majorcan village, also Deià has a beach town, called Cala Deià. The place is only a short ride away from town and attracts many visitors being a small shingle beach. You will find crystal clear, blue water to take a refreshing dip in the sea. Two different restaurants offer food and drink. It is just the right place after an exhausting day, roaming through the sticky and hot alleys in the village.

How to get there

Take the bus L210 from Palma de Mallorca to Deià.