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Delhi Cantonment

By Rohit Pachauri (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Delhi Cantonment
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Declared as one of the most haunted places in New Delhi.

Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi India
Most spooky happenings take place at night so do not expect your (un)friendly ghosts to appear during the day (although god knows why is it so). Besides, Delhi cantonment is pretty busy during the day and even if the white lady appeared during the day, anybody would barely have time to spot her. Go during the night but do not be on foot because if the rumors are half as true as they sound to be, you will be damned if you didn't have a runaway car when the white lady visits.

One of the most prominent places in New Delhi is Delhi Cantonment Area which sees probably the maximum number of footfall and transport vehicles in any given day as it gives access to many residential and commercial areas of the city including the airport.


Unlike the majority of Delhi, Delhi Cantonment area is still surrounded by greenery and trees. According to many locals, this area is widely haunted by a ghost of an old lady in white who often tries to signal cars to stop, for a lift, and vanishes if someone actually stops. If they don’t, they probably experience horrific events such as that lady running next to the car at a higher speed, or her being stuck on the boot of the car. Rumor has it that she was a hitchhiker who got killed in a road rage and now haunts the streets of Delhi cantonment to scare passer-by.


Most will say it’s a rumor, but surprisingly everybody’s story has one thing in common – the lady in white. At times, it is also said that even if you do not see her, you can feel an eerie presence of something supernatural around you and noises that you can’t explain at that time of the night.


Some of the other such haunted places in Delhi which are really famous are Agarsen ki Baoli, Sanjay Van, Bloody River (khooni nadi), House Number W3 in Greater Kailash, and Nicholson’s Cemetary.


India has a lot of haunted places in different cities, but Delhi is one such city which has  far too many such stories as compared to other cities.


Delhi is also the capital of India and most likely the first city that you visit during your time in India either flying in or flying out of the country. If you are in Delhi on a holiday, accommodation won’t ever be a problem as the city is full of it and in all kinds of price range.

How to get there

Delhi Cantonment is a prime location in New Delhi and is close to the international airport as well as Delhi Cantonment Railway Station. You can take a cab, auto, or a bus to Delhi Cantonment.