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Deliblatska Pescara

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The largest European continental sands

Sumska uprava „Banatski Karlovac“, Nemanjina 41, 26320 Banatski Karlovac
Some restaurants with local cuisine in nearby places like Bela Crkva

Deliblatska Pescara (Deliblato Sands or Banat Sands) is the largest European continental sands. It is located in the southeastern part of the Serbian region of Vojvodina and covers nearly 35,000 hectares.

Special Nature Reserve ‘Deliblatska peščara‘, (Deliblato sands) represents a natural asset of special importance under the protection of the first category. It is also one of European IBAs.

This area contains typical species of flora and fauna, among which many are rare and significant. Rich flora with over 900 species, subspecies and varieties abounds in rarities, relics, endemics and subendemics, such as: Banat paeony, Pančić wormwood, bulrush, dwarf-steppe almond, juniper tree. As the largest oasis of sand, steppe, forest and marsh vegetation ‘Deliblatska peščara’ is one of the most important centres of biodiversity in Serbia and Europe as well as the most important steppe in our country.

Rare fauna includes species found in steppe habitats: desert ant, ant-lion, Banat falcon, imperial eagle, steppe gerbil, ground squirrel, mole rat, steppe skunk and others. A distinctive feature of the reserve is permanent wolf population.

This protected natural reserve also includes a part of the Danube course with marshes. It is also the nesting place of many rare species, such as: little egret, yellow heron, ibis and sand-martin. Small cormorant – a highly endangered species in Serbia – has its only safe nesting place here.
This area has suffered from human activities for centuries, especially over the past 185 years of intensive forestry activities which changed considerably the former landscape of the sands.

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By road Belgrade-Pancevo-Banatski Karlovac