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Der Archäologische Schauplatz Kappelhof Museum

Photo credit: weisserstier / Foter / CC BY
Der Archäologische Schauplatz Kappelhof Museum
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Witness the 2000-year old history of the Romans

Altstädter Straße 26 (Ecke Altstädter-/Kappelhofstraße), 75175 Pforzheim

Der Archäologische Schauplatz Kappelhof Museum is located in Pforzheim inside the basement of Carita’s residential home in the Old Town Church. The Archaeological Museum venue arose in the wake of archaeological excavations on the Kappel courtyard 1995th. Based on the findings, conserved residues as well as numerous exhibits, visitors are introduced to the 2000-year history of the settlement. The building remains were recovered and maintained as far as possible in their original state. Here, the visitor can witness the every-day culture of the Romans, their sophisticated architecture and technology, their Gods and burial customs.

Opening hours

10:00 -17:00

Tours by appointment