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Deutschordensmünster Peter und Paul

Photo credit: Velaia (ParisPeking) / Foter / CC BY
Deutschordensmünster Peter und Paul
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A Church located in Heilbronn

Deutschordensmünster Peter und Paul Deutschhofstraße 6 74072 Heilbronn

Deutschordensmünster Peter und Paul is a Catholic church located on Deutschhof in Heilbronn which was built by the Teutonic Order during 13th century. The choir of the tower is Romanesque and early Gothic elements in outdoor areas and major religious art elements in the interior. Over the centuries, the church was redesigned again and again. In 1944 it was hit by an air strikes however most of it was reconstructed in 1950. The Church is first referred to in the 13th century as the Lady Chapel. A large number of people come together at this church for Holly Mass, devotion and Prayer meetings.

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