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Devil’s Town – A Mystical Place

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A unique marvel surrounded by beautiful nature

Entrance: 3 euros per person
Possible group visits

Located in the south of Serbia on the Radan Mountain, near the town Kursumlija, Devil’s Town is a natural phenomenon, a truly peculiar rock formation created solely by nature itself.


It has been nominated for the New Seven Wonders of Nature campaign which started in 2007 and it has been under the protection of the state from 1959. Also, in the year 1995, it was declared a natural good of an outstanding importance by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.


This natural monument consists of 202 stone formations which were created by erosion. With the height of 2 to 15 meters, the diameter of 2 to 3 meters, and topped by heavy volcanic blocks of stone, it seems surreal, even though this formation has been standing for centuries. The erosive process which causes the creation of these unreal figures takes a long time. Their shape is not permanent, they change: they can shrink, disappear, appear again, and the rain constantly dissolves the loose soil around them.


The pillars emerge when a heavy stone block covers the soil beneath, so that the rain and other weather conditions cannot affect the soil that the block “protects”. The black stone positioned on top is the key element for the formation and stability of the pillars.


While exploring the forest nearby, you can come across two springs of water. They are called the Devil’s Water (“Djavolja voda”) and the Red Well (“Crveno vrelo”). Even though these springs are located in what seems as an unaltered natural environment, the water is not drinkable. It has some extraordinary properties which are rarely found anywhere in the world. The water is cold, acidic and it has a high mineral concentration. It is 10 to 1000 times richer in minerals (such as aluminum, iron, potassium, copper, nickel and Sulphur) than any other spring water in the world. The atmosphere of this incredible place is completed with the remains of an old church, cemetery and a couple of old mining panes.


There have been many legends concerning the creation of Devil’s town towers.
The most popular one is about this area being inhabited by peaceful and religious people who enjoyed simple life pleasures and not having much. That made the Devil angry and he decided to spoil their harmonious lives. He enchanted them into drinking the toxic water, which made them delusional. Soon after they arranged a marriage between a brother and a sister, which has never before been a practice for religious and conservative Serbian villagers of the time. Soon after, the fairy appeared and wanted to make things straight. She hasn’t succeeded into reasoning the bride and groom-to-be, so they headed to the church. While she was praying to God to end this barbaric situation, harsh winds appeared, God had joined the earth and the sky, and newlyweds and all the wedding guests were instantly turned to stone.


The site is located 27 km south-east of the town Kursumlija. There are several spas in the surrounding area. Besides the Devils town natural monument, you can visit the old museum, enjoy some unaltered, unpolluted nature, breath some fresh air and also buy some interesting souvenirs or try some home-made, authentic Serbian brandy (“Rakija”). Tickets are affordable, at the price of only 3 euros.

Opening hours

Everyday: 9:00 - 17:00

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  • Devil’s Town – A Mystical Place
  • Devil’s Town – A Mystical Place
  • Devil’s Town – A Mystical Place
Devil’s Town – A Mystical Place Devil’s Town – A Mystical Place Devil’s Town – A Mystical Place