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Divaški Kras – Risnik

Divaški Kras – Risnik
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Risnik, the collapsed valley

Divača - Risnik, 6215 Divača
There aren't any safety fence, be careful not to venture too close to the cliffs.

Risnik is a collapsed valley in Divaški Kras. This particular landscape is the repercussion of an inversion of temperature. The clash of the warm wind from the south with the cold air from the north occurs at this specific site. The result is this impressive sinkhole.


All around Risnik is an interesting natural hiking path, fit for the study of karstology (the study of the plateau). Due to the unique temperature settings,  Risnik has a very particular vegetation. There are many bird nests on the north side of the valley. At the bottom, there are multiple small caves that had been shelters to our ancestors since the prehistoric time. The Reka river also flows under Risnik.


Risnik is about 72 meters deep and 220 meters wide. Such grand sinkhole isn’t common in the region, thus the interest of visiting Risnik.


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How to get there

About 500 meters south from Divača.