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Djerdap national park

Photo credit: Pascal Mages / Foter / CC BY-SA
Djerdap national park
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The longest and largest gorge in Europe

Kralja Petra I 14а, 19220 Donji Milanovac

The Djerdap national park is located in the northeastern part of Serbia (municipalities Golubac, Majdanpek and Kladovo), on the border of Serbia and Romania. Park covers an area of 636.8 km². The main natural phenomenon of this area is 100 km long Djerdap (Iron Gate), the longest and the largest gorge in Europe, made by the river Danube. In some areas, the vertical cliffs are rising 300 m above the level of the Danube.
It consists of four gorges and three valleys: Golubačka gorge, Ljupkovska valley, Gospodjin vir gorge, Donjomilanovacka valley, Veliki and Mali kazan gorges, Oršavska valley and Sipska gorge.
The most beautiful gorges are Veliki and Mali kazan, where the Danube narrows to only 140 meters and reaches a depth of 90 m, making the bottom below the level of the Black Sea for about 30 m.
The Djerdap gorge National Park has very rare species of plants. In the area of the park there were found over 1000 species of plants. The most important are hazel, hackberry, walnut, Berrbery, holly, Pančić sycamore (maple species), wild lilac, golden fern …
Characteristic animal species in the area are deer, roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, fox, etc.
Iron Gate, as well as the Danube river was used for transporting goods even in prehistoric times. The area of the gorge was inhabited 6000 years BC, and today we have remains of world known Lepenski vir – prehistoric settlement. Lepenski vir is a part of Djerdap gorge and represents a gem of cultural heritage. The larger significance of the Iron Gate got during the Romans. They made roads on the left and the right bank, which supposed to allow the passage of legionaries to march to the Dacia (present-day Romania). Many Roman emperors were involved in the regulation of the Iron Gate, starting from Julius Caesar, but the best known Traian, conqueror of Dacia, who managed to secure passage through the gorge. During his reign the walls of the right bank of the Danube were carved and the first bridge was built across the Danube river between Turnu-Severin and Kostol.

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Highway Belgrade-Nis exit Smederevo and by road to Pozarevac-Donji Milanovac