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Photo credit: Sveinn Erlendsson / Foter / CC BY-ND
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Simple yet beautiful village in East of Iceland

If you consider yourself to be “a typical tourist” by which I mean a person who just like to see top sightseeing highlights in each country, plus do it as fast as possible, then all the gems scattered in the Eastern part of Iceland will be probably missed from your experience as these type of tourists prefer doing Golden Circle. Although it is up to everyone’s choice, preferences and possibilities to head to more remote and not so popular regions, I really warmly invite everyone to give Eastern Iceland a try since the nature there is no less outstanding and the people are as welcoming and joyful as all around Iceland. If you are already giving this a bit more extended consideration, then I have a tiny hint for you regarding where to go.


Djúpavogshreppur is the southern most district of the Eastern Iceland. This part includes Álftafjörður and Hamarsfjörður which are magnificent lagoons that are not only pleasant for eyes but also rich in birdlife. Being 1069 meters high Búlandstindur mountain dominates the landscape and it is the right place where to greet summer solstice since according to some Icelandic legend it is a place which will make your wishes come true (but you have to be there at summer solstice time!).


Djúpivogur is a cozy, small nevertheless beautiful village which has been important trading point. Nowadays, the inhabitants of Djúpivogur  mainly make their living from fishing and tourism which now has become the most rapidly growing industry in Iceland. Certainly visit Langabúð which is the oldest house in Djúpivogur. Originally it was built in 1790 yet of course it has gone through several renovations in order to be still functional. Today, Langabúð houses the local cultural centre, a geritage museum, coffee shop and various exhibitions. Another great sightseeing spot is an extravagant sculputre called Eggin í Gleðivík. It was made by well-known Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðmundsson and it consists of 34 eggs.


Djúpivogur is a great spot where to both recreate and endulge in outdoor activities. Try some of the local specialities, go hiking, climb a mountain, do some birdwatching and simply spend some relaxed time which you can dedicate all to yourself without worries that tourist crowds might interrupt.

How to get there

There are several ways how to reach Eastern Iceland. The common one is simply by going by rented or private car and you can of course chose which way to go - northern or southern. It is also possible to reach Eastern region by taking a plane from Reykjavik to Egilsstaðir.