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Dolmabahçe Palace

Photo credit: Adeel Anwer / Foter / CC BY-ND
Dolmabahçe Palace
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Magnificent palace with a beautiful view of the Bosphorous

Vişnezade Mh., 34357 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
There is a small cafe behind the Haremlik for a quick bite. However, if you are willing to give Turkish food a break and try something different, do try The Winston Brasserie which is about a 5 mins walk from the palace. This restaurant is famous for its French and International styled cuisine. The great food presentation, beautiful decor with a very youthful feel was what I liked the most about this place.
1) Dolmabahçe Palace looks equally good during a boat ride in the night and it is highly recommended.
2) Also check out the Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum to appreciate the artwork of the bygone era.
3) No video or photography is allowed inside the palace. However, you can use your cameras in the exterior grounds.
4) You need to buy a combination ticket to visit the interiors of the Selamlık & the Haremlik,
5) The waiting time for your tour batch could range from 20 mins to 60 mins depending on the crowds.
30 TL

Built by the Sultan Abdül Mecid I in the year 1856, the Dolmabahçe Palace was home to six Sultans of the Ottoman empire since then . The palace was designed and planned by an architect from the Balyan family of architects who’s work on the palace depicted the Imperial and Baroque styles of design.


It was initially built to replace the Topkapi Palace as the administrative seat after which the Imperial family moved out of the Topkapi Palace to live in the European-style grandeur. Later the palace was converted into a museum and was open to public viewing.


This palace has about 285 rooms and 43 large salons and a massive electric Bohemian Glass chandelier weighing about 4½ tonnes. Once inside, it can be observed that the palace has retained the elements from the Ottoman Empire featuring the segments of a traditional Turkish style home. The palace is divided into two sections: The Selamlık which is the public section & The Haremlik which is the family section which are separated by a grand ceremonial Hall.


In the exterior of the palace, diagonally opposite to the garden, one can see an enormous clock tower which is covered with embellishments dating back to the Ottoman Era. Lastly, one can see the palace only through a guided tour which are conducted in both English and Turkish.

Opening hours

The palace is open from daily from 09:00 to 16:00 except Mondays & Thursdays.

How to get there

The cheapest and most convenient way to get there is to board the tram at Sultanahmet and get off at the last stop called Kabastas. The palace is just about 400 meters away from the station.