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Dow Hill

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A village in Kurseong said to be haunted

Kurseong, West Bengal India
If you are at Kurseong then most likely you have been to Darjeeling but if not, then you must go to see some prominent tourist attractions of West Bengal than you should visit Darjeeling.

While most of the hill stations in India such as Mussoorie, Manali, Shimla, and Kullu have been extensively commercialized, the hill town of Kurseong, 30 km from Darjeeling, West Bengal, still remains a scarcely populated yet picturesque tourist destination.


Though its big  brother Darjeeling has been taking away most of the limelight, the town of Kurseong has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years and with its increasing reputation, the stories of it being haunted in some areas have also come up quite a lot, specially Dow Hill.


Dow Hill is regarded as the epicentre of all kinds of paranormal activities. One such spot is the Victoria Boys School, a 100-year-old school situated on Dow Hill. According to locals, footsteps and noises can be heard inside the school building at night even during the school’s winter break of three months between December to March, however, no marks from the footsteps have been found ever. Numerous people have suspiciously been found dead and killed in the forests surrounding the school and nobody can explain the cause of these deaths. Another haunted spot and a little scarier than the unexplained noises of the school is a particular stretch of road at Dow Hill that runs along the forest where often a headless boy has been spotted by many passing tourists and locals. It is infamously known as the ‘Death Road’. People have been reported to be strangely depressed around the area for no rhyme or reason. Some have committed suicide after being haunted by the unforgettable image of the headless boy and some have gone into permanent depression. This boy has often been seen running off to the woods after making a sudden appearance.


Some claim that all these stories have been made up and hyped to get attention, however a beautiful town such as this, covered with amazing landscapes, tea gardens, and a soothing atmosphere around the year shouldn’t need any unsolicited attention let alone being known as one of the most haunted places in India. It is often true that the things we keep telling ourselves and others as rumors, being repeated too many times becomes a truth or a fact in our heads, and what was once a rumor or just a joke turns out as a folklore being passed on to generation after generation. And, people in India love to give into stories of being attacked by paranormal beings or experiencing a divine intervention.


Ghost or no ghost, Kurseong is a very relaxing and soothing place to the mind, body, and soul especially if you are planning on a vacation to unwind yourself from the daily chores of life.


Kurseong has many tourist lodges and budget hotels, most of which are located around the main market area. You can also plan to stay at the Kurseong Tourist Lodge operated by the state tourism department, located a kilometer away from the market.

How to get there

The nearest airport is Bagdogra from where you can get a hired cab or a private taxi to Kurseong.

The nearest railhead is NJP. From NJP, regular shared cabs go to Darjeeling and Kurseong.

If you are staying in Darjeeling then take a cab or a shared taxi which takes about an hour and a half.