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Dražica Beach Biograd na Moru

Dražica Beach Biograd na Moru
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Visit this beautiful beach in Biograd with all the accompanying contents. An ideal family vacation.

Turistička zajednica Grada Biograd na Moru Trg hrvatskih velikana 2 23210 Biograd na Moru Croatia

The town beach Dražica is only 5 minutes away from the center of Biograd, and you can reach it by a pleasant walk through the “snake” looking promenade in a shade created by a hundred years old pine trees. The beach is sandy and extends towards the east for about 300 meters. It is wide and the sea is clear, clean and has a whole pallet of things you can try and do. The Beach Dražica gives enough room to have fun to all visitors, no matter what age.


The beach is under the utility company’s supervision which has set gum machines and showers across the beach. In addition to all this, visitors who are in a wheel chair will have no problem getting to the beach, because there is a special access to the beach for visitors with special needs.


You will be able to rent deck chairs, scooters plus there are numerous fun things to do, such as the water slide, trampoline, volleyball, parachute jumps and more.


The beach is protected from its sea side with buoys and a rescue teams. Along the walking path there are many booths with a variety of homemade products and foods. You can shop for souvenirs, you can eat fast food, eat ice cream, pizza and much more.

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How to get there

Highway Zagreb-Split exit Zadar and by road to Biograd na Moru