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A traditional village in Western Serbia

Lotika, 31 243 Mokra Gora
National Restaurant Lotika
Entrance ticket is 250 dinars (approx. 2 eur/ 2.30 usd)

Drvengrad (Wooden Town) is a traditional village in Serbia at Mokra Gora mountain in Zlatibor region. Drvengrad is situated at the crossroads of the mountains Zlatibor and Tara. It was founded and built on a hill Mecavnik according to idea of famous film director Emir Kusturica. Wooden Town was a place where Kusturica’s movie “Life is a Miracle” was filmed.
The chalets are authentic, and transferred various regions of the Serbia, in the form of a skeleton and placed on stone foundations..
Drvengrad have several objects: hotel Mecavnik, photo gallery Macola, library, Stanley Kubrick Cinema, pastry shop Anica with domestic cakes and natural juices, National restaurant Lotika, shop with handicrafts, St. Sava church, pool. The streets in the village are named after celebrities (Nikola Tesla, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Diego Maradona, Miodrag Petrović Čkalja, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, Joe Strummer, Novak Đoković and of course, Ivo Andrić, after whom the main street is named.
The whole area is turned into leisure complex and tourists can rent rooms in one of several chalets.
The jury of the Brussels Foundation for Architecture gave award to Drvengrad as the best architectural achievement in the past three years in Europe.

Opening hours

08:00 - 22:00

How to get there

By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Lazarevac-Valjevo-Pozega-Uzice, exit Cajetina and by road to Mokra Gora and Drvengrad