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Dumas Beach, Gujarat

By Rahul Bhadane (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Dumas Beach, Gujarat
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Highly famous as a haunted destination in Gujarat.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat, India
Dumas beach is one of the famous tourist spots in Gujarat, famous for its black sand and ghost stories. The area is not abandoned though and has been pretty commercialised over the years. Don't stay around late at night if you really fear danger from paranormal activities as even though nothing has been proven but stories say that many have disappeared from the beach or drowned in it.

On one hand, India is known as the land of many gods and countless temples, and on the other, there are unexplained things known as paranormal activities which haunt many of the places in the country, so much so, that some of them have earned their position in “most haunted places of India” list. Dumas Beach, Gujarat is one such place.


Dumas Beach is located within close proximity to Athwa Gate in Surat, a city in Gujarat. The beach is very prominent amongst national and international tourists travelling to Gujarat for it is covered with rare and intriguing black sand. Due to this reason it is sometimes also referred to as the ‘Black Beach’. Logically, the sand at the beach is black because it consists of high amounts of Lava. However, if you believe in stories then locals say that the sand is black because of the apparitions surrounding this area. Besides, there is a cremation ground next to it which makes it even spookier than other such places. Natives claim that the sand has become black because of all the departed souls walking on it at the wee hours of the night.


The beach is just your regular beach during the day with locals and tourists hanging out and enjoying the surrounding like you would at any beach location. However, people, especially locals, say it isn’t safe and advisory to stay after sunset.


Though nothing has been proven so far, as many other ghost stories and haunted places, but locals have reported seeing white apparitions emerging out of the water or floating on it. Also, strangely all the dogs in the area bark and howl at night as if they could sense the presence of paranormal beings with their keen sense of vision and smell. Some have claimed that their dogs bark and try to stop them from proceeding towards the beach at sunset or at night as if to stop them from being confronted by some evil spirit.


Apart from the beautiful beach and its paranormal stories, there are a few other places of interest in Dumas including the Dariya Ganesh Temple. In the vicinity, you can also find a lot of local shops selling food and snacks like  Paav Bhaaji, roasted sweet corn, and the very famous Lashkari Tomato Bhajiya.


There are a handful of accommodation options available in Surat such as Ginger, Best Western Yuvraaj, and Hotel Ashirwad.

How to get there

Dumas Beach is located 16 km from Athwa Gate. To reach here from the Surat Railway station, take the ring road and follow the signposts directing you towards Athwa Gate. From Athwa Gate, there is a direct road which leads to Dumas Beach. You can also take a direct city bus from the station that drops you at Dumas. Surat airport also gives you an easy access to Dumas.