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Dunav Park in Novi Sad

Jezero u dunavskom parku ". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia
Dunav Park in Novi Sad
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  • 2 hours

A beautiful city park with a lovely lake

Dunavska ulica 1, 21000 NovI Sad

Dunav Park (Danube Park) is a green area in the center of Novi Sad located near the Danube River. During the construction of the park, a wall was built over the part of a lake where water remained and a small island called “Erzsébet” was created, where a weeping willow was planted in memory of the Austro-Hungarian empress who was murdered in 1898.


The park’s flora include plane trees, hazelnut, birch, hackberry, horse chestnut, maple, silver linden, poplar; Coniferous: fir, cypress, black pine, foreign; wicker: boxwood, barberry, Japanese quince, red dogwood and others.

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