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Edelfrauengrab Waterfall

Photo credit: cfaobam / Foter / CC BY
Edelfrauengrab Waterfall
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  • 3 hours

A romantic and legendary waterfall in Gottschlägtal

77876 Kappelrodeck, Germany

Edelfrauengrab Waterfall is a romantic and legendary waterfall in Gottschlägtal. According to legend, a noblewoman met a violent end in the waterfall, hence the name, which translates into “The noblewoman’s grave”.


The legend dates back to the time of the Crusades, while Knight Wolf von Bosenstein went to war, his wife committed adultery and after being cursed by a beggar woman, she gave birth to seven children at the same time and in fear of being caught for her infidelity, she asked one of her servants to drown her children in a the castle moat, but the servant was discovered by the noblewoman’s husband before being able to do it and was asked to tell the noblewoman that the deed was done.


Years later, Knight Wolf asked his wife what should be done with a bad mother and she replied telling him that she should be buried alive. To her surprise, her husband said that was what was going to happen to her and then he buried her alive.


The adventurous paths and walkways along the Gottschlägbaches continue to rise upwards. People who are interested in adventurous hiking can continue to go upwards towards the Karlsruher Grat and then back to Ottenhoefen. The total distance is about 12 km and the average walking time is four to five hours

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