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El Chorreadero Waterfall

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  • half day
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Mostly unknown to tourists, this waterfall and its cave will leave you speechless

Located only a ten minute drive away from Chiapa de Corzo in the state of Chiapas, this waterfall, which is very unknown to tourists and even locals, stands at a height of 25 meters and forms pools of water underneath it where you can swim in freely.


It is true that there are more outstanding and taller waterfalls around Mexico and the whole world, but what makes this site special is the cave above it from where the water comes. You can walk up to the cave and go inside without the need of a guide and you can explore it by yourself, however, if you’d like to go even deeper into the cave, you can hire a guide and do so – the tour lasts approximately twelve hours with a chance to do rappelling.


What you will find in the cave is an underground river through which water flows and leaves the cave, creating the waterfall underneath it as well as amazing rock formations are you walk deeper inside. Make sure to bring a lantern or another source of unnatural light as it is quite dark.


The cascade can be visited at any time of the year but it is suggested that you do so between the months of november and march as it is the dry season to be able to enter the cave and make the most out of your time here.


The park is barely promoted, which means that you might end up getting it all to yourself, especially during weekdays. It can get a bit crowded during weekends as families gather there to relax and have barbecues.


Aside from the mentioned above, the area is surrounded by jungle, so it is no wonder that incredible flora such as muju and amate can be found here. The fauna in the place doesn’t fall far behind either, with creatures such as snakes, tlacuaches (a kind of rat), wildcats and squirrels roaming about the place.


The entrance ticket costs only $15 pesos and it includes the use of the lavatories as well as the entrance to the cave.


If you’re looking to explore more of Chiapa’s waterfalls, make sure to check out El Chiflon as well, located about three hours away from El Chorreadero.

Opening hours

8:00 - 17:00

How to get there

Take a bus to Chiapa de Corzo and from there, take a taxi to El Chorreadero as there are no buses or colectivos that take you directly there.

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  • El Chorreadero Waterfall
  • El Chorreadero Waterfall
  • El Chorreadero Waterfall
  • El Chorreadero Waterfall
El Chorreadero Waterfall El Chorreadero Waterfall El Chorreadero Waterfall El Chorreadero Waterfall