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Eltz Manor

Photo credit: nimdok / Foter / CC BY-ND
Eltz Manor
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One of the most important works of Baroque-Classicism in Croatia

Gradski muzej Vukovar, Zupanijska 2 (Dvorac Eltz), 32000 Vukovar
Lots of restaurants with local cuisine

Eltz Manor Castle is a Baroque castle situated on the banks of the Danube in Vukovar. This castle is one of the most important works of Baroque-Classicist architecture in the Croatian mainland.

Philipp Karl von Eltz-Kempenich, a member of the German noble family and Archbishop of Mainz, purchased a huge estate with thirty five settlements in 1736. This land is where the castle stands now. The construction began in 1749. During the Serbian aggression in Croatia. In 25 August 1991, Eltz Castle became the first building in Vukovar to be bombed from the air. By the end of the war the castle was mostly completely destroyed.

Recently, the Croatian government and the Council of Europe Development Bank financed the restoration of the castle, which began in 2008 and lasted until October 2011.

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - from 10 to 18 Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 13

How to get there

Highway Zagreb- Lipovac exit Lipovac, and by road to Vukovar