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Evangelical Church of Lendava

Evangelical Church of Lendava
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The Church of Protestants in Lendava

Evangeličanska cerkev
Glavna ulica
9220 Lendava
Services are held in Church every first and third Sunday in a month at 10:00, which is also the only time when church isn't open for visitors.

The Evangelical Church of Lendava is quite a small, yellowish church that you will see if you take a walk along the main street in Lendava (Glavna ulica). It is one of three churches that are located in here and the only protestant church in town.


Protestantism once played a very important role in Lendava, especially in the 16th century, when the rulers from the Banffy family declared it as the official religion of the town.


Lendava’s first protestant priest was Ferenc Tőke, who had a major influence in spreading protestant religion through many different written texts. The Banffy family even established an official print shop on the Lendava Castle to print religious books and spread protestant religion among people.


The influence of the Protestant religious community grew over time and the idea of building a new Evangelical Church emerged in 1925. The first stone was laid in 1931 and the church was completed just three years later. The great mind behind the image of the church was architect Antal Kelemen, who designed this church as a twin to the Evangelical Church from Csórna, a Hungarian village .


The exterior of the church is very simple and elegant, and it almost creates a feeling that this church should stand on a beach with palm trees around it. The interior is quite small and plain, with just one altar and simple decorations around it.


One picture was painted behind the altar by Ludvik (Lajcsi) Pandur (1913-1973), around 1934. The church is now commonly used for different events and celebrations.


Around 120 Protestants live in Lendava and take great care of the church and its surroundings. Services are held here every first and third Sunday in month, at 10:00, which is also the only time when church isn’t open for visitors.

How to get there

The church is located on the main road in Lendava (Glavna ulica). You can easily reach this church by car or by foot from every part of the city.