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Fabergé Museum

Photo credit: InSapphoWeTrust / Foter / CC BY-SA
Fabergé Museum
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Pieces by the Russian goldsmith and jeweler

Fabergé Museum GmbH, Sophienstraße 30, 76530 Baden-Baden

Carl Fabergé (1842- 1920) was born in St. Petersburg and was a Russian goldsmith and jeweler who became known for his highly decorative and opulent jewelry pieces. Due to his work for the royal family and his unique style of decoration, he become famous worldwide.


The Fabergé Museum in Baden-Baden is the only museum dedicated to the work of the famous Russian Tsar jeweler. Numerous exhibitions take place at the museum every year. Beside the jewelry, there is a large number of everyday items from the First World War displayed.


Opening hours

10:00 - 18:00