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Photo credit: Freebird_71 / Foter / CC BY-SA
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  • 5-10 km
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  • half day

A natural space with over 3.000 animals and 4 eco-systems.

Avenida de las Comunidades, 28. 28032 Madrid

Polar eco-system and tropical jungle; lake of flamingos (literally), peacocks and Komodo dragons – basically all sorts of animals from your school biology book are gathered in Faunia. Not quite your ordinary zoo, and definitely not just a park, Faunia features 4 eco-systems, 15 themed areas each adapted to a single species, which altogether shelter some 3.000 animals! The Polar Eco-system is in fact the largest in Europe, and comprises animals from both – South and North Poles. Penguins are just as funny as the characters of the “Madagascar” animated cartoon. To locate them you don’t even have to use the map, just follow the crowd – the penguin habitat is the most popular attraction here; although they now have some serious opponents – recently arrived Komodo dragons attract just as much visitors.


Kids would definitely be happy to find out, that unlike an average zoo, in Faunia you can actually stroke and even feed the animals – many of them are free to wander around the park. So, don’t be too surprised once a parrot lands on your shoulder or a monkey accompanies you on a lunch.


Speaking of food – there are several eateries; mostly fast-food – sandwiches, burgers and fries – which tends to be a bit overpriced, but this is a common practice in amusement parks. Plan to spend here at least 5 hours – and don’t wrongly assume that Faunia is no place for adults! Faunia is an exceptional experience for all ages! And even if it is for the kids – it is not entirely a bad idea to pretend to be one, once in a while.

Opening hours

Depend on season; check official website for more information.

How to get there

Cercanias: Vicálvaro (C2 line). Metro: Valdebernardo (line 9). Bus: line 71.