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Firefly Reserve in Tlaxcala

Photo credit: s58y / Foter / CC BY
Firefly Reserve in Tlaxcala
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A forest that gets lit up by fireflies

The best month to visit is July. By August there are still a lot of fireflies but many have already left
$40 MXN

Reserva de Luciérnagas in Tlaxcala is truly one of Mexico’s best hidden treasures and a perfect way to get off the beaten path while you’re in Mexico City. The reserve is located near the small state of Tlaxcala in the ourskirts of a tiny village called Nanacamilpa, about 120 kilometers from the center of the crowded capital.


During the months of June, July and August, 200 hundred hectares of the Santa Clara Forest in the outskirts of a quint village light up by thousands and thousands of fireflies. Walking through the narrow paths through the woods is truly a top-notch experience that will simply leave you breathless.


The reason this phenomena occurs is due to the fact that during summer, fireflies reproduce. Females light up for roughly half an hour to attract males and mate.


There are three eco hotels in the forest for those wishing to spend the night surrounded by this natural phenomena as well as camping areas for the outdoorsy kind of people. Aside from the firefly watching, you can engage in several activities available such as hiking and cycling.


Opening hours

The sanctuary is open all the time, but to see the "show", you must be there from 20:30 to 21:30 hrs

How to get there

México Viejo offers a tour leaving from Mexico City at 16:00 for $650 MXN including refreshments

For those travelling independently, you can take a bus from any station in Mexico City to Tlaxcala and from there, take a taxi to the sanctuary