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Fitness Center Forma

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A great place for group workouts (even if you're over 50)!

Ul. Andrije Hebranga 21, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

For now they have two fitness centres in Zagreb. One is on Hebrangova street, while the other one is on Martićeva street.


Fitness centre Forma has a lot to offer! Pilates, outdoor trainings, programmes for people who are older than 50. These are just some of the things you can do here! Considering how much they offer, their prices are really fair! A daily fee costs around 7€.


Their trainers are qualified people who specialize in different kinds of activities. You can check out the programmes they put together and pick whichever suits you best!


This gym is truly amazing, no matter if you’re a person who likes pilates, dance programmes or maybe something else, they have almost everything! So don’t be shy and check them out! They will be delighted to see you and help you out!