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Flow Festival Ljubljana

Flow Festival Ljubljana
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  • 2-3 days
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A unique festival in Europe with music, visual art, cuisine and more

Tobačna grosist d.o.o., tobačna ulica 5, Ljubljana
1 Day: Friday 45 €, Saturday 55 € and Sunday 45 €
2 Days: Friday + Saturday 72 € and Saturday + Sunday 72 €
3 Days (full festival pass): 95 €

The famous Flow Festival brings music from old school artists to new up and coming ones as well as art, international cuisine and more. Held annually in Helsinki, the festival has decided to expand internationally and for the first year ever, it will be held also in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


For a whole weekend, you’ll be able to escape into a world of music, art, design, world-wide cuisine and more in Tobačna mesto, a historic building complex in the hart of the Slovenian capital that acted as a tobacco factory for over a century.


It is important to note that, unlike many other summer festivals in Europe, Flow Festival does not offer camping grounds.