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Fluntern Cemetery, Zurich, Switzerland

  • (no stars)
  • less than 1 km
  • Free
  • 1 hour or less

One very unique cemetery

Fluntern, 8044 Zürich, Switzerland

Who would have thought that a cemetery and grave stones would make great travel destinations? It is certainly not your typical tourist hangout however Friedhof Cemetery is truly an interesting place that is well worth spending an hour in. It is very well maintained with lots of foliage and flowers which gives it the feel of a park. The reason why you would want to stop by this cemetery however is because of the many notable people who have this as their final resting place. It is just about a stone’s throw from the Zurich Zoo anyway so if you are in the area you could talk a walk through. There are many famous and notable people laid here including two Nobel Peace prize winners in chemistry (Paul Karrer and Ruzicka Leopold), German actress Thererse Giehse and the novelist Elias Canetti. What strikes you the most, other than the sense of peace all over the place, is how really interesting, whimsical, funny and downright unusual many of the tombstones, statues and monuments are. It is truly a great, if not highly frequented destination

Opening hours

May-Aug daily 7 am - 8 pm; Mar-Apr and Sept-Oct daily 7 am - 7 pm; Nov-Feb daily 8 am - 5 pm

How to get there

Tram #6. The cemetery is on the left about 100 meters from the tram stop