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Forma Viva Seča

Forma Viva Seča
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Stone sculptures – lost art?

Seča 153
6320 Portorož

Forma viva is a collection of various arts, usually displayed outdoors. Forma viva Seča is a fine example of sculptural art and it is situated right next to Portorož and Lucija.

Seča peninsula offers you a nice collection of stone sculptures and represents a fine getaway place when going on a summer vacation. Forma viva Seča is a home to at least 40 stone sculptures, scattered all around the park in which the first originated in the year 1961 from a Slovenian artist. Nowadays you can see sculptures here from well-known international artists.

Forma viva Seča is an interesting project for sculptors from all over the world. The first Forma Viva in Slovenia took place right here, on the place of today`s park, not far from Portorož, in 1961. At that point, sculptors from the whole world got the chance to create diverse, beautiful, quirky, unusual or any other kind of sculptures.

More than 130 sculptures were created and big part of them remains in the Forma viva Seča, while some have been moved to various parks and squares across Slovenian coast.

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