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Former School Building and Idrija Lace Centre

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Meet Idrija's traditional craft – Lace making

Prelovčeva 2
5280 Idrija

There is more to see in this old building than meets the eye. This is the Former School Building, which was once famous throughout Slovenia as the most beautiful and spacious school. It now serves as a multi-purpose building for different institutions, among them are the Lace School Idrija and International Centre of Idrija Lace.



It is not known how the tradition of lace-making came to Idrija. It might have been brought here by German or Czech families that came here to work in the mines more than 300 years ago. Or maybe, the women that were home started their own lace making when they were waiting for their husbands to return. Either way, lace-making became very popular and appreciated in the area.


The first laces were made from the thread as a decoration for homes and churches and also for decoration of more prestige clothes. Later the demand grew and lace became very popular, not only in Idrija but also in towns and countries nearby. The first lacing school was opened in 1876 and is still open.


Idrija Lace is famous for its 7 bobbins which make this lace more strong and valuable. All the laces sold in the store in Lace Centre are handmade and have a certification of excellence.


Lance School Idrija

The school is open to anybody with an interest in lace making. Many organized classes, lectures and summer schools are available, for kids and for adults. Classes in English language and individual classes can also be organized.


International Centre of Idrija Lace


Here you will get the chance to see a short documentary about the Idrija lace (in Slovene, English, German and Italian language) and to visit an exhibition dedicated to Idrija lace. The exhibition consists of many different pieces, from the first lace making models to modern designs, made by children in the lace school and special designs created for designers clothes.


You can also buy your very own lace tablecloth, souvenirs, books about lace making and other topics connected to Idrija.


Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 8.00-15.00

Shop: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9.00-12.00, Wed: 9.00-17.00

How to get there

Located close to Mestni trg Square. Pass the square and search for the building with the sign 1876 over the entrance gate.