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Fortress Asen

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Fortress Asen

Ivan Vazon St. 2, Asenovgrad
White Jelly is the local speciality. Check other restuarants in Asenovgrad for more suggestions.

The Fortress Asen is situated in the Rhodopes mountains just 2 kilometers away from the city of Asenovgrad. Asenovgrad is located in south Bulgaria close to the city of Plovdiv. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, which also has an airport. These facts make the Fortress Asen easily accssesible for both international and local tourists. The fortress is the most attractive and interesting landmark in the Asenovgrad region. Fortress Asen is only 2 kilometers south of the center of Asenovgrad and is build on a rocky hill next to the shore of river Asenica. The road that leads to the fortress is panoramic and offers you great views.

The Fortress Asen is one of the symbols of Bulgaria and is well known among the locals. If you visit the place you will feel how strong and powerful was Bulgaria in the past. At some point of the Bulgarian history, Bulgaria used to control huge territory that and the borders were touching three different seas. The Fortress Asen will give you a nice perspective of how the medieval fortresses looked like. The huge stones that are forming the fortress will fascinate you. The fortress is build over natural rocky cliff that stands over the local river. This fact makes the fortress untouchable from all three sides. This is why the place was important for the Bulgarian leaders.

The historians say that the place was used as fortress by the Thracians during the 5 B.C. Later on the place was under the control of the Roman Emperor Justinian. The Roman fortress near Asenovgrad was one of the 300 fortresses through out the Roman Empire that were build to defend the Empire from the Slav tribes. The Byzanthine Empire also created a fortress around the 9th century. In 1231, tsar Ivan Asen II created the one of the biggest fortresses of his kingdom. In 1410 the Ottoman Empire captured and destroyed the fortress. The fact that through the ages the fortress was owned by different nations like the Thracians, Romans, Bulgarians, Ottomans and others, makes the place unique. There are plenty of archeological findings that were found around the fortress. All of them are currently placed in the museum in Asenvograd.

The place teleports you to the past and to the time of the ancient wars and kings. If you decide to visit fortress Asen, you can also save few hours and visit the town of Asenovgrad. The region around Asenovgrad is also full with interesting landmarks. Around the town you can find 5 different monasteries, 15 different churches, 58 tamples, history museum, ethno museum, wine museum and lots of other interesting places. Asenovgrad is unique not only because of the famous fortress, but also because of the loud celebrations of every Christian holiday. Moreover the local food is one of the best in Bulgaria. Go and check how the ancient Bulgarian tsars used to live. Go and check how powerful this southern European country used to be and how important is Christianity in the area. I guarantee you that you will not leave Asenovgrad region disappointed.

How to get there

First you need to get to the town of Asenovgrad. From there it will be easy to find the Fortress.