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Fovšaritnica Museum

Fovšaritnica Museum
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Visit the blacksmiths!

Fovšaritnica Museum
Kropa 28
Owners offer great traditional foods and blacksmith beverages.
Make sure to ask for additional offer – owners offer a great traditional food and blacksmith's beverage.
2€ per person.

Fovšaritnica is a house that once belonged to the blacksmiths in Kropa and visiting it provides a great insight of a mill owner’s house. The rooms, which have remained quite traditional, have been renovated and filled with traditional furniture. Visiting the house is as though you are traveling back in time.


The House of Jealousy

In the past, it was normal for more than one family to live in one big house with numerous floors. In the case of Fovšaritnica, there are four floors plus a basement. The first floor was designed as a kitchen and common area for all the people that resided in the house and the rest of the floors in the residence were utilized as bedrooms.


In Fovšaritnica, the kitchen was very spacious and had a great number of rooms for the family members. Women were the ones who spent most of the time inside the house and they each had their own fireplace used for cooking.

Each fireplace was very close to the next and women could easily see what was inside the neighboring pot. The content of someone’s pot was a reason for jealousy. This is the reason the residence was dubbed as “The House of Jealousy”.


Today, Fovšaritnica acts as a museum which welcomes visitors with arms wide open. Showcasing traditional furniture and five intact private rooms, the house will take you back in time and into the daily lives of the Kopa blacksmiths.

Opening hours

April to November

How to get there

Fovšaritnica is located in the central part of Kropa, not far from the main square.