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Francis’ Shaft

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Great monument to the rich mining tradition of the city Idrija

Bazoviška 2
5280 Idrija
The interior can only be seen if accompanied by a guide from the Municipal Museum.
Adults: 3.00 EUR
Children: 2.00 EUR

Francis’ Shaft is a great trip for all technical enthusiasts and younger children. It is an important building renovated into a museum dedicated to the mining culture in Idrija. Around 30 different machines, which were used in the Idrija Mercury Mine are exhibited here.


Among the most incredible machines in Francis’ Shaft are:

  • Restored steam-powered Kley’s pump from the end of 19th century, which is probably the largest preserved steam engine in the world.
  • Steam-powered transport machine, diesel engine and other steam machines.
  • Pit telephone.
  • Two machines redesigned to work on the compressed air.
  • Water turbine.
  • Four locomotives and five trams used for ore transportation.


Although the building of Francis’ Shaft is well worth visiting on the inside, it is also quite a look on the outside. It was once a very important mining building and it was named after Franz II, Emperor of Austria.


It is also the oldest preserved building of the Idrija Mercury Mine.

Opening hours

Daily: 9:00 - 16:00

How to get there

Francis' Shaft is located about 200 meters from the Mestni trg Square and about 200 meters from the Tourist Office Centre (TIC). It is accessible by car, bike and in a walkable distance from the city centre.