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Fruska Gora National Park

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Fruska Gora National Park
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The pearl of nature

Zmajev trg 1, 21208 Sremska Kamenica
Some restaurants with local cuisine in nearby villages

Fruska Gora National Park is located near Novi Sad and in 1960 it was declared a national park. The highest peaks are the Crveni Cot (538 m), Orlovac (512 m) and tourist center Iriski Vrh (490 m). It stretches along the right bank of the Danube, 80 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. Creating mountains began in the Mesozoic, 90 million years ago; scientists call it “mirror of geological past”. 164 animal fossils from over 123 million years ago have been found in the area and there are over 1,500 species of plants as well. Fruska Gora is rich in forests of oak, hornbeam, beech, linden and other trees; with over 50 protected plant species. On the mountain there are more archaeological sites (Neolithic, Copper, Bronze and Roman times), as well as the old monasteries of Fruska Gora (total 17), resulting from the late 15th to the 18th century, famous for their specific architecture, rich treasuries, libraries and frescoes.

How to get there

Highway Belgrade-to Croatia exit Sremska Mitrovica and by road to NP Fruska Gora