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Gajba Beer Tasting Bar

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If you want to have a nice time while drinking some nice beer, check them out!

Sunčana ul. 3, 31000, Osijek, Croatia

Gajba is an awesome (and also tiny) place where you can try various kinds of beer. It’s the ultimate beer lover’s heaven.


The interior looks really simple yet stilish. The walls are decorated with lots of shelves filled with numerous big and small beer bottles. If you’re looking for a place where you can sit down with a friend and enjoy a beer or two, look no further! Gajba really has that friendly vibe which helps you relax and have a nice time.


The prices aren’t exactly low, but considering the fact that we’re talking about “high-end” kinds of beer here (which can’t be found in just any store or bar), this is acceptable and normal.


They also offer some “test tubes” where you can sample 6 different kinds of beer, and it’s not that expensive.


All in all, if you want to go to a place which gives off a really friendly vibe and it also has lots and lots of beer, you’ll adore this place!