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An ethno village where you can recharge your soul!

Baranja, Croatia

Gajić is another small village in Baranja with so much history and tradition.


The population is really small, in 2011 they registered 294 villagers. You know what that means? That you’ll have complete peace there.


Just like Karanac, this little gem in Baranja also has old-fashioned houses where you can sleep over. The nature here is pure and barely touched, and the houses were built back in the 18th and 19th century. Gajić is also really close to the vineyards, which means that you can go on a wine tour!


Gajić is really close to Batina, the small village and historic site next to the Danube river. Batina is a perfect place for snapping some nice photos for your Instagram feed! But so is Gajić, especially if you love simple but beautiful things.


Staying here is affordable and also good for your soul, because it’s quiet and the people here are really nice and friendly. You can come here to move away from your everyday problems and the noise of the city.