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Garbatella district

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10 things to see in Rome: Garbatella neiighborhood

During spring and summer, you can often find street food little trucks
I suggest you, in particular, a very good restaurant: Acino Brillo, Piazza di S. Eurosia

One of the more interesting – although peripheral – is Garbatella. Why interesting? Here lies the real heart of the Roman world: in addition to being a place full of fervent fans of Roma football club, Garbatella is a former working class neighborhood, now risen to the rank of a “radical-chic” district. A clarification: Garbatella is an area for refined palates, which provide a glimpse of beauty even in the midst of some peeling wall. If you are such people, you will admire the so-called lots, buildings with particular shapes and warm colors, once destined for the populace and today object of desire of many VIPs.

Amid the flowering prunus, which give a wonderful purple to the so authentic Roman streets, you can find some of the best restaurants in the capital, what in the center it’s definetely hard to find. Just take a look around and, even from the signs, you can figure out where is the case of stopping to eat good pasta Carbonara. But do not expect too politeness!

Here, in Garbatella, you have to let you go, helped by your eyes and your intuition. Walk among the most hidden ways: in the midst of the picturesque expressions of this district, you will laugh about your behavior subdued for years by society. You will learn many thing… and you will have fun!


How to get there

You can take the B subway from Termini Station: in a bunch of stops, you will reach Garbatella

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  • Garbatella district
Garbatella district