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Gator fest

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An amazing event for foodies and fans of adventures!

This event is another treasure of Baranja. This is the event where people celebrate wine and enjoy in delicacies from this region. It’s enriched with different performances, concerts, and all sorts of artists on the street. This is a perfect spot and time for people to show off their art or to get some new fans or buyers.


Sometimes people try to sell some other things too, not just their art. This year (2018.) a person stood on his house’s fence with a piece of cardboard which had “Selling my house, come over and find out how much I’m asking for it!” written over it. Who knows, maybe if you decide to check out Gator fest, you’ll find your dream home!


All jokes aside, this event is one of the major happenings in Croatia. People from all over the country come here to participate in the Wine and Walk mini event which is a part of the main event. Wine and Walk is a fun way of promoting this region’s wines. If you decide to participate (you have to pay for it), you get a wine glass and a map with 10 checkpoints which mark 11 different wine cellars. The cellars offer snacks too, they say that it’s for regaining your strength for the 12 km route, but we say it’s a little help so you wouldn’t get too tipsy along the way.


All in all, this is a small adventure mixed with an awesome foodie event where you get to eat, drink and have lots and lots of fun! If you ask us, it definitely pays off to check out this place and all it has to offer!