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General Von Beckers

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A really nice and pleasant place, you should definitely visit them!

Ul. Franje Kuhača 13, 31000, Osijek, Croatia

General Von Beckers is a gem of the Old Town in Osijek. The prices there are good, no matter if you want to drink a coffee or a beer, you’re going to love it and it’s going to be affordable.


The employees are really friendly and can put a smile on your face most of the time.


I can recall an instance when I went to visit them during the winter time, and they still didn’t have hot chocolate on the menu. I teased the waiter about it, something along the line of “What kind of bar is this if you can’t serve hot chocolate during the winter months”. Of course, it was only a joke and we laughed about it. Next time when I visited them, the same waiter was working and he welcomed us with a huge warm smile. He was quick to inform me that hot chocolate was back on the menu, and he asked us to test a new kind of hot chocolate they were planning to put on there, he simply wanted to hear our thoughts about the drink. It was a really sweet gesture and we’re going to remember this story for the rest of our lives because tiny memories like this make our lives better!


So yes, if you want an extremely cozy place with really sweet employees who will do their best at fulfilling every wish of yours, this place will be just right for you. Don’t think twice about it, if you’re in the Old Town, make sure to visit them!


PS. General von Beckers (full name: Johann Stephan baron von Beckers) was a real person and he had a big part in building/evolving the Old Town.