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Geysir and Stokkur

Photo credit: Emil Kepko / Foter / CC BY
Geysir and Stokkur
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Extraordinary performance of nature at Geysir

Geysir 801, Iceland

These both definitely are  top 10 of all the attractions in Iceland and once you to see them you will immediately understand why it is so.

Geysir or the Great Geysir as it is oftentimes being referred to is geyser (yes, the word describing such hot springs are derived from Geysir since it was the first geyser ever to be described and documented) located in southwestern part of Iceland, more particularly – on Haukadalur valley on the slopes of Laugarfjall hill. Due to its uniqueness and impressiveness Geysir gas gained great admiration from locals and foreign visitors alike. Although Geysir used to have more frequent and higher eruptions, the ones we can see today can throw boiling water in the height of up to 70 meters and one simply cannot feel anything but astonishment when gazing at such powerful performance of the nature.


The whole area became active nearly thousand years ago when  seismic activities changed the geothermal area in the valley and created new hot springs and now it now comprises numerous hot water blow holes. Even if you are not lucky enough to see the majestic Geysir erupting you will certainly see the eruption of Stokkur – a nearby geyser which is of a smaller size but which erupts a lot more frequently – every 4 to 8 minutes.

How to get there

The directions how to reach Geysir and Stokkur are pretty simple especially if you are coming from Keflavik airport or Reykjavik. One must drive in the direction of Selfoss from where you just need to take the right turn on highway 35.