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Glenveagh Castle

Photo credit: Angelika Spanke / Foter / CC BY
Glenveagh Castle
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A breathtaking castle located amidst a natural park with the same name

Glenveagh Castle is located inside the Glenveagh National Park in County Donegal (North Ireland). The castle’s construction began in 1870 and was finished in 1873 by Captain John George Adair, who was greatly disliked and still remembered in Donegal for evicting over two hundred tenants in the park when he bought it, during the famine. The castle itself is quite breathtaking, but its beauty is not limited to it: Its backdrop is its main feature, with mountains lining the sky and lakes, glens, forests and even red deer making up the never-ending garden.


There is a visitor center available, where visitors can learn about the park.