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Photo credit: Marco Bellucci / Foter / CC BY
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Awe-inspiring waterfall in North of Iceland

Godafoss Waterfall, Northeast Iceland, 640

As you perhaps already have guessed Goðafoss means Waterfall of Gods and, indeed, as you stand besides this magnificent beauty of nature, it is possible to gain even some sort of spiritual experience and reveliations while appreciating the mightiness of Icelandic nature. What is claimed to be actual story in fact dates to around 1st century AD stating that such name is given to the waterfall at the times Christianity was brought to Iceland. This ocurred in 999 (or 1000) when a holy man Lawspeaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði made Christianity to be official religion in Iceland. In order to mark this significant event, Þorgeir tossed  his statues of Norse gods into the waterfall.


While Gullfoss is the “king” of the south, Goðafoss (altogether with Dettifoss) surely can be listed the most spectacular of waterfalls in the North of Iceland. The waterfall is more than 30 meters wide and the water of Skjálfandafljót falls in the height of 12 meters. The views are gorgeous any time of the year and I already bet you will barely hold yourself from making hundreds of pictures there. Of course, the weather is the most pleasant during summer season but seeing parts of waterfall frozen is also view worth the trip. There are wooden trails and viewing platforms established for the visitors and hence you can be sure about your safety. I observed some people getting on the big rocks on the edge of the sides for better sight and in such case one have to be responsible for one’s own cautiousness. There is also a small restaurant and souvenir shop nearby with kind and helpful staff and great selection of lovely postcards and souvenirs to be kept as a memory from the trip.


How to get there

Going either from Húsavík or Akureyri you simply need to reach the the ring road. Driving on it west after some while (depending where do you leave from) you should see junction on your right leading to Goðafoss.