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Gold Reef City

Photo credit: Paul Saad / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
Gold Reef City
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Gold Reef City- exhilarating rides where you can get wet and few daunting dry rides like the roller coasters and the Giant Wheel gives you a mystifying aerial view of the whole theme park.

Northern Parkway and Data Crescent, Ormonde, Johannesburg, 2159, South Africa +27 11 248 6800
Differs on age of person, and rides. Check the pricing info on the website.

Holding the record for the fastest and tallest inverted roller coaster in Africa, Gold Reef City is the place to be for an adrenaline rush. This amusement theme park just 8km from the centre of the city was actually a 19th Century gold mine, but bloodcurdling rides is what now stands on this gold mine.


Once the visitor takes a step inside the theme park, he is immediately transformed into a whole new 1900 era. The idea behind the theme is to ideally give the visitor a sneak peek into the mining era that Johannesburg was in during the 1900’s. Not only is there an abundant assortment of thrilling rides for the adults and family friendly rides for all ages, but there are also walking underground tours of mines in addition to casinos, gold pouring demonstrations and various other onsite attractions. Another astonishing facet to this theme park is that it has a 4D theatre with hydraulic seats which magically emits smells in sync with whatever happens on the screen.


The Gold Reef is located South of the Central Business District from the M1, or a short twenty minutes drive from the O R Tambo International Airport. It is so effortlessly accessible by car and cycle or even by walking


You just can’t go wrong at Gold Reef city with rides mimicking a historical theme. In addition to exhilarating rides where you can get wet and the daunting dry rides like the roller coasters you also have the Giant Wheel giving you a mystifying aerial view of the whole theme park.


Every visitor to the Gold Reef city is promised an extraordinary experience packed with excitement and service so pampering you will never want to leave, regardless of their age. The thrill and the unlimited possibilities at the Gold Reef City will have you returning not only for the heart pounding rides but to also get absorbed in the lap of luxury.

Gold Reef City

Opening hours

09:30 - 17:00

How to get there

Gold Reef City is south of Johannesburg, near Soweto. It has its own shuttle bus service from most major hotels in the city and is easily accessible by car or taxi.